Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Totally LA

Artwork by Adam Pointer

LA Concert Calendar
If you are in LA this week, you might enjoy checking out who playing. My friend Joel and the band he plays with Modus Dei is playing at the House of Blues 1.7.06. I'm hoping to be able to see them, since I'll be back in LA.

LA Times Does Scientology Expose
If you didn't know, scientology is like headquarterd in Hollywood. It's good to learn and understand our neighbors. Peeps to Victor.

22 Neighborhood Councils throughout LA
The LA Times says, "Aspiring to be much more than pothole police, 22 nieghborhood councils thorughout Los Angeles have voted to create a congress of the panels that will give them more clout by allowing them to collectively weigh in on citywide issues." Thanks to Mayor Sam for the link. Maybe you can get involved in your neighborhood council to bring a little more shalom to where you live.

L.A.'s Newest Remodeled High-Styled High-Rise
The LA Times talks about the Sierra Towers, appearently the newest status symbol to young, design-savvy crowd and some actors and lawyers. You need some money to get into this place at the west end of sunset strip. I'm sure it's nice, but I like my old or should I say "New" Hollywood Apartments. The price suits me just fine and the people are probably friendlier. It would probably be a fun place to hang out though.

Surf's Up
I can't believe I'm missing the big waves while I'm in Europe. You have to check out this picture on laist site. I'm sure my friends James and Lance, if they are in town are surfing somewhere.


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