Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From Amsterdam

I arrived safely in Amsterdam. My plans today was to meet up with my friend Tijmen who I met in LA and then stay and Eric and Marci's. My friend Tijmen was supposed to meet me at the airport, but he was late, and when I say late, I mean really late. The problem was I didn't have his phone number. It's funny, all of the e-mails we have exchanged through the years, none of them had his phone number. So my only recourse was to try and connect with him through e-mail. But the problem is the airport only has access after you get in the boarding area. The only place outside of that is the Hilton where it is 8 euros for only 15 minutes.

So I decided to take the train to Amsterdam Central and find a cheaper e-mail place. I did. Only 2 euros for one hour, but when I got to the computer, I was able to use the remainder of someone else's hour. So it cost me nothing. Yeah! When I got to my e-mail, I was glad to find that Tijmen had e-mailed me, leaving his number, for then I was able to connect with him.

I then called Eric to get directions to his place, and took the 9 tram to his neighborhood and walked down to their place. It is a cute apartment. For the next couple of days I will stay here. Eric and Marci are really hospitable. I feel at home. Tijmen and I are meeting up for dinner. I look forward to connecting with him again to see what he has been up to.

My posts may look a bit different on my travels, because often I will be making entries on other people's computers. It may be harder to have pictures all the time, like I try to do when I'm at home or have my computer. The other way it will be different is that most likely it will resemble a journal a little more than my current style. Since I have had little sleep for a while, I'm going to take a nap before I meet Tijmen. Peace.


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