Thursday, December 08, 2005

Phishing for Money

When I was reading Reuters lastest article on Phishing scams, I took it to heart, because within the last two weeks I have been a target two times. According to the article, roughly one in four U.S. Internet users are targets of phishing attacks - phony e-mails seeking personal financial data - according to a study conducted by Time Warner Inc.'s Internet unit AOL and National Cyber Security Alliance.

This first time was just a couple of weeks ago. I got an e-mail that looked like it came from Amazon, where I happen to shop quite often. The e-mail that was supposedly representing Amazon (very well I might add) said that as they were doing their routine investigation they discovered something wrong with my credit card. So I logged on. They did well at mirroring Amazon's site, actually some buttons went directly there. I was putting in all the info until it came to the part when they asked me for my pin number.

So, I thought to myself, "I have never given my pin number on-line before, why would they be asking for that." It was then then I looked up at the site address and noticed it was from a university in Tiawan. I knew then that someone was phishing.

I've learned that if any e-mail asks for personal information regarding my credit cards, I will never answer the question through the e-mail. I will just go directly to the given website. This way I can easily avoid many of the people who are phishing for my cards.


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