Thursday, December 01, 2005

A New Chapter

Just like this picture displays simple beauty, I am hoping that this next year is a bit more simple for me. I have felt like I have had two full-time jobs this past year. One helping our national organzation through tough transitions and the other as a church planter in the city of LA. One of those roles would be enough for most people, let alone both.

This next year I am looking forward to having a greater focus in LA. Though I will be helping in a more limited capacity serve churches in various places around the world, I am expecting that by February of this next year that my travels will be much lighter.

So as I look at this next year my heart comes alive to the possibilities of what God has. I love living in LA, it's diveristy, complexity and the opportunities for the good news to spread. I love the church that I am pastoring and deeply appreciate the commitment that our congregation has to bless the neighborhoods in which we live, as well as their willingness to allow me to serve the greater whole for a season.

After a very emotional exhausting year, I look forward to a simple focus. No doubt their will be challenges this coming year, but they are the kind of challenges in which I love to give myself. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life!


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