Friday, November 25, 2005

Links to Look At

So I think about once a week, I will be posting something about links to look at, because there are many interesting links that I come across these days.

Entrepreneurship Education Helps Low-Income Kids A multi-year Harvard study indicates that learning entrepreneurial skills may keep low-income students in school and on track for college.

Amazon's Customer Collaboration Amazon has launched ProductWiki, a route for "customer editable product information" to appear alongside most if not all of the items they sell.

Free Trade or Fair Trade? Global Voices Online talks about trade issues.

Anti-Consumers Dig Through Trash for Food Calling themselves "freegans," a group of people who ideologically reject consumer waste eat only food that's been discarded. Check out this article on a group of friends in NY who live as "freegans."

POLL: 95% of readers "Google it" An article on how goggle clearly dominates the search engine market.

The Displaced: Which Way is home? Time journalist have tracked the highs and lows of five groups of survivors of Hurricane Katrina - some since the week after the storm. This is their report.

College basketball team loses 118-6 There is no missing zero, that was really the score.


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