Thursday, November 17, 2005

red carpet seats and the march of the penguins

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according to reuters, the academy's documentary branch screening committee chose 15 documentaries from 82 different docs to move forward for consideration for oscars. on that list includes the phenomenon at the box office "march of the penguins" which has grossed $77 million in just domestic sales.

the movie was amazing. i thought to myself after seeing it, "how many people who have lived on earth have had the opportunity to see how penguins survive such harsh conditions."

other documentaries that have made the first cut were "rize" a film about dance artists in south los angeles who danced youth out of gangs, and "mad hot ballroom" which is the story if nyc school kids on a journey into the world of ballroom dancing.

the list will be narrowed to five when oscar nominations are announced on january 31st. the 78th oscar award ceremony takes place on march 5th.

we will be having our annual oscar party at the fountain room as well as stating our series on "hollywood and the ancient text." it seems to be one of the favorites series that we do at kairos.

if you live in los angeles and want to watch the red carpet arrivals live at the kodak theater, book mark this page to get more information on applying for a lottery for 300 bench seats for 2007, for 2006 lottery is already over. then remember to check your book mark in september of 2006.


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