Thursday, November 10, 2005

emerging leaders gathering

orlando mornings
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life has been absolutely crazy this week, which is why i have been unable to do any blogging what-so-ever. i am down in orlando at our annual emerging leaders gathering in orlando florida with gcm. since i am in orlando, i thought i would put up a picture i took one morning at a previous visit.

after taking the red eye sunday evening and not getting much sleep, i ended up having flu symptoms. because this week was so packed with meetings and preparation, i have continued to lack sleep this week. i was scheduled to talk on wednesday and before speaking because of my lack of sleep over numerous days, flu symptoms and feeling emotionally overloaded, i really didn't think i could share. somehow i felt the Spirit of God at the very last moment just helped me to push through and at least get to first base, which was my prayer.

last night while i was meeting with joe dunn and noel heikkinen as we met to talk about a conference that we will be sharing at in europe this december. zolder 50 in amsterdam will be hosting the event. and people from a number of countries from europe will be attending. the conference will be translated into six different languages, which is why my talks have to be finished by early december.

anyway, noel was telling me that he was blogging quick outline here at our emerging leaders gathering. john hevers talked on God in our story and i shared a talk on the equipping church. other talks have been more discussion oriented so far.

last night i finally was able to get some sleep, and i'm feeling a bit better this morning.


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