Friday, November 04, 2005

keeping an eye on interesting links

here are a few random links of interest for you to check out.

video ipod currently the only network that offers shows through itunes is abc, but cbs digital president larry kramer said this week that he has had talks with apple about selling cbs television shows on the itunes music store

wikipedia notes some interesting facts about wikipedia from a conversation with jimmy wales the main guy behind wikepedia

why paris is burning time magazine gives thoughts on the rage and riots in and around paris

usc prank usc coach peter carroll pulls a halloween prank that stunned many of his players during practice this past monday evening

la mayor praises rosa at detroit service villaraigosa eulogized civil rights icon rosa parks in detroit saying she helped pave his way to become the first hispanic mayor of los angeles

a new weapon for wal-mart: a war room the new york times shares how wal-mart mounts a counteroffensive against its opponents

dealing with spam americans spend 40 minutes a week deleting spam

the summit of the americas according to the chicago tribune, the americans have landed in argentina. they brought warships and radar planes, spies and snipers, and armored cars. they laid in food, water and supplies by the ton - anything that president bush and his team might need over the next few days at the summit.

friday quiz want to test your biblical knowledge? then check out this presbyterian ordination exam

consumer reports consumer reports comes out with the most reliable cars of 2006

google library open for business google has posted the first large batch of public domain books and documents to be indexed in its search engine. learn more about google plans, pending lawsuits


At 8:03 AM, Blogger Ariel said...

Thanks for the links, J.R. I'm curious if Google's latest attempt to improve market share will pan out. At the very least, they deserve a prize for constant innovation...


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