Tuesday, November 01, 2005

fast cities

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fast company just came out with the top ten up-and-coming hubs for creative workers - places that draw people who are talented, tech savvy and tolerant.

in the article they talk about how talented and creative people whom richard florida has called the "creative class" the scientists, engineers, artists, managers and professionals, are moving to these creative hubs because of the benefits of connecting with other talented people.

they say, "The country's epicenters of such talent - San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles - are well known." so what they did research to discover which up-and-coming places that are becoming more like these epicenters of creativity and talent. so here's the top ten as listed in the article

sacramento, california
phoenix, arizona
salt lake city, utah
san antonio, texas
raliegh-durham, north carolina
san diego, california
portland, oregon
madison, wisconsin
tuscon, arizona
colorado springs, colorado

they do a great job a describing some of the cornerstones and caveats of each city. in their talk about global fast cities, they name the international up-and-coming cities competing with the u.s. for the global talent pool as:

dublin, ireland
helsinki, finland
montreal, quebec
sydney, australia
vancouver, bc


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