Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ethical Maps

If you have a concern for what is happening in the world and want an updated look at the global well being of different countries, then maplecroft is a great resource. Maplecoft is a UK organization specializing in the coverage of the non-financial performance of global corporations and governments. Their unique contribution is that do this in the form of many different maps.

Maplecroft has both on-line interactive maps as well hard copy maps available. One of there stated goals is: "Our goal is to build a map that both ourselves and our partners consider is accurate, always up to date and meaningful, thus ensuring those who use the Global maps have a greater understanding of each relevant issue - how it impacts business and society, the nature of risk and how that risk might be managed proficiently - with recent case studies to demonstrate how risk is transformed into opportunity."

The types of maps they provide are:
  • Global map of hunger 2005 (World Food Programme & TNT Moving the World) Support the World Food Programme
  • Global map of bribery and corruption
  • Global map of climate change
  • Global map of conflict risk
  • Global map of development finance
  • Global map of digital inclusion
  • Global map of displacement
  • Global map of environment
  • Global map of HIV/AIDS
  • Global map of human rights
  • Global map of malaria
  • Global map of microfinance
  • Global map of disasters and relief
  • Global map of political risk
  • Global map of poverty and wellbeing
  • Global map of regulation
  • Global map of tuberculosis
  • Global map of water
I am thankful to worldchanging blog for their entry about these helpful resources.


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