Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Enjoying Conversations and Headed to London

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So last night after hardly sleeping since Saturday night, I was like a bear in hybernation. Let's just say that I got a really good nights sleep at Eric and Marci's.

After waking up I had a chance to meet up with Eric and Todd and talk. Our topics went from Jesus to life in the city, to how to be the church in our day. After some conversation at the cafe, we went to Todd and Lindy place. They transformed a garage into a beautiful apartment. I need to take some pictures to show you sometime. I ate dinner with Todd and Lindy. We had a great time together.

I then came home to Eric and Marci's place in the middle of a homegroup meeting. It was great to be a part of a group that went from speaking Dutch to English. They were going through a study of Mark. They are in chapter two and some of three. The conversation was rich and the people very caring.

I'm now going to bed because I need to rise up early to go to London and meet up with Tyler and Kendall. I have also confirmed my appointment with Graham Tomlin for the following day. I'm looking forward to getting some pictures of London during Christmas time. I hear it is stunning.


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Joe&Lisa said...

can you contact us via email or phone as soon as you can, we have a message for you from your Mother. Sorry to post on your blog, but we're not sure how else to get a hold of you!


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