Sunday, October 09, 2005

pakistan fears 18,000 dead - la times

picture from la times

the la times reports that "more than 18,000 people were killed when a powerful earthquake struck northern pakistan." "in a disaster that entombed hundreds of children in their schools, flatten a high-rise apartment building in the pakistani capital and devasted untold number of villages."

my prayers are with the people, and my hope is that we might be as active in helping those living in pakistan as we would if we experience "the big one" here in california. i can't imagine what life must be like for all those who have survived.

it is overwhelming just trying to keep up with all the natural disasters. may God grant us wisdom, compassion and endurance.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger m@77#&w 13. said... you have any resources on the internet as a modern distraction...i've been thinking about how the double click instant mentality makes tiny incisions into our solitude...any thoughts?? peace & love


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