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here is one small portion from our 2nd year anniversary at kairos. each year we write another chapter of faith in our church planting adventures here in los angeles. we just finished chapter two and by faith are starting to write chapter three. this is an excerpt from our time tonight:

If you are familiar with the scriptures, you have probably read the famous chapter on Faith, which you can find in Hebrews 11, how by faith Abraham and Sarah left their hometown to go where God directed, and by faith Moses and Gideon followed God. I would like to share with you a brief history of this past year at Kairos, reflecting on some of the things God has done in and through us as a community. You could say that this is chapter two in our story of faith. And then throughout the evening, we will hear some more stories of different ways that God has been working in and through our lives as different segments of our body share what God has been doing in their communities. We will be hearing from our canvas groups, hope international, as well as kairos kids. So with that in mind, let me read to you Kairos Los Angeles – In the Story of God: Chapter 2

By faith, Kairos Los Angeles continued to follow God for another year, despite some set backs, difficulties, and some significant people having to move on.

By faith, Jon and Caroline Freeman joinrd the Kairos team in order to help kick off the e4 project. By faith Stephen Gordon became a student at USC in order to help Greg start a group on campus. By faith Michelle and Sarah the first undergrad students at ULCA joined up with Kairos and hosted a Bible study their dorm. By faith, “D” brought his band the Black Tongue Bells to the fountain room to perform, and the set he designed with the little shack was used to kick of the series on the seven deadly sins.

By faith, Tom Fowler moved from Columbus, OH to LA to join the staff team and give Joe much needed help in the area of finances, and brought his other gifts to serve the body. By faith, Theresa headed up the Kairos Kids ministry and Kip continued to help with the worship team. By faith Shalom started raising support so that in time she could be more freed up to help the mission of Kairos.

By faith, Jose, who lived most of his life in the ghettos of south central LA, decided to regularly attend Kairos Los Angeles, despite the fact that a bunch of gringo’s from Virginia helped to start the church. After coming to Christ he brought much encouragement and street smarts to the body.

By faith, Andy and Kim Bleyer, and a team of 18 from the rock in Columbia MO, headed by John Drage, decide that they will be moving to Santa Monica in Jan. of 2006 in order to join with Kairos Los Angeles and help them to start a neighborhood church in West LA. By faith Joe and JR have been working together with the team so that this dream will become a reality.

By faith Carla and others from Kairos and Hope helped to raise money and find toys so that hundreds of needy children in hollywood had a brighter christmas.

By faith, Pastor Kaleeng, at the request of James, comes all away from Lodwar, Kenya to share the need of his people with different Christian Leaders, riding an escalator for the first time in his life.

By faith, many in Kairos, including Rob Schickler and Annie Wylie helped to make the 2nd annual Oscar party a success and kick off the annual series on Hollywood and the Ancient Text.

By faith Nate Towery continued to help produce some of the Sunday Gatherings at Kairos as well as using his dynamic teaching gifts to build up the body.

By faith, Joe Ibatuan stepped in when there was a need and helped to lead worship at Kairos, adding diversity and energy to the worship team. By faith Hikari and Carla helped our Leadership Community learn how to tackle issues of reconciliation when it comes to both race and class.

By faith, Ava Chin, who is a seeker, wrote a very positive article about Kairos for the Los Angeles Times Magazine entitled "Plugged In" which came to the news stands on February 6th of 2005 and caused many people to come and check out Kairos. As a result a number of new Angelinos have become involved, and Larry has even began to help out with the worship team.

By faith, Kristin, Anna and others from Dustin’s canvas group, birthed another canvas group in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

By faith Jay and Amiee conceived their first child, and Aimee while very pregnant has continued to serve on the worship team, even though she works fulltime as is in her third trimester.

By faith, as members of Kairos started to understand Jesus’ deep concern for the poor and oppressed, many have become more engaged in world issues. By faith, Kairos with the help of students in Iowa and Illinois were able to raise 10,000 to bring to Kenya to help with famine relief. By faith, James, Jay, Lisa and JR went to Kenya to help buy food and encourage pastors and people through their encouragement and teaching.

By faith, Genesis’s was deeply moved by the generosity of people in kairos and begin to dream about a foundation that could help people in developing countries. By faith he went to JR and they began to dialogue about what to do, and through that dialogue and partnership the Solis Foundation was birthed.

By faith, Joel and Modus Dei played at Kairos, helping to secure a quarterly tradition of open mic during the Sunday Gatherings. By faith Annie, Christine, Bori, Nora and others formed the Atmosphere team in order to create an inviting environment for our Sunday gatherings.

By faith, Kevin Wylie embarked on more projects for the Kairos website, which continues to bless people all over the world and bring new people regularly.

By faith Jon and JR prepared for the e4 project, and Jon with the help of Hikari, Dustin, Christine and Mike kicked it off in the summer of 2005. As a result many involved in the project are experiencing personal transformation and bringing a more strength to Kairos as a whole. By faith Peggy opened up her really nice house in the hills of Pasadena, in order to host the e4 large group gatherings.

By faith Eric and Audrey decided to go on staff to help canvas groups as well as many things that support the Sunday Gathering, including worship and the kids program.

By faith, Carla, Jed, Stacy and others have continued to help strengthen families through the confident kids program along with people from Hope.

By faith, Greg Christman helped to take over a running program at Julie’s school when a coach died, and as a result was able to help 20 kids run in the marathon this past year. And by faith Greg and Julie tied the knot and found a place to live downtown, where others have joined them in starting a Canvas Group at USC.

By faith Stephen Gordon continues to reach out to his fellow USC classmates effectively, working with Greg and others to bring the good news to the campus of USC.

By faith, Craig, Andrea and Derek birthed a canvas group from the UCLA canvas group, in order that the UCLA group can have a laser beam focus on the campus this year.

By faith, Joe Racek and Ben Hayes lead us through what it means to be the New Temple in the city of Los Angeles. By faith, Joe and Lisa have their fourth baby and bought a house in Culver City.

By faith, Hikari and a team of people from Kairos and Hope took a missions trip to Chuahua Mexico to bless the people in that city, and by faith, they look to start annual mission trips to the area.

By faith Pastor Ed, Greg and Shalom birthed the courtyard ministry, with the goal to strengthen the partnership of Kairos and Hope International.

There is not enough time to share all of the things that have happen this past year by faith, and there are many whose name is only know to God who have by faith prayed intensely, served sacrificially, counseled competently, worked behind the scenes and given financially to enable Kairos to fulfill her mission in the city of Los Angeles.

By faith, Kairos Los Angeles continues to move forward in the story of God, bring a greater sense of hope, joy, love and justice to different neighborhood in LA. And by faith, everyone can hear the applause of God as he watches his children live by faith.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Luis F. Batista said...

Great story, JR! I though your year review so insightfull! May God bless you all even more as you are beggining Chapter 3!

At 2:01 PM, Blogger michellie said...

your pictures are awesome!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger J.R. Woodward said...

appeciate the comments. thanks you guys.


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