Sunday, October 02, 2005

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picture from usa today article

blogger was down for a bit, just when i was going to do an update about the wildfires here in la. so while the news is old and late, i thought i would write something anyway.

the first santa sna winds came to la a couple of days ago. according to the usa today, there are several things that come together to create the hot, dry santa ana winds.

it begins when an area of high air pressue to the north and east of southern california causes winds to blow in clockwise from the east, pushing air from over the inland deserts of california into los angeles. obviously the air starts out really dry. then the winds blow over the mountains and desert, and as it comes down the mountians, it is compressed and warms up. because of the extreme low humidity vegitatoin drys up, creating a favorable atmosphere for brush fires, as well as create some of the warmest temperatures that we get here in los angeles.

as you know some of the brush fires had become very large. according to abc news, the fires destroyed 24,000 acres, but only three homes, because of the fast response of fire fighters. the la times talked about "the massive, rapid and well coordinated response allowed firefighters this week to successfully battle a blaze that at it's peak threatened about 2,000 homes."

i was going to go with my camera to take some pictures of the fires myself, but time has been tight for me. but if you want to see some photo's from la residents you can check out los angeles through your neighbors' eyes. on my way to visit a leader in our congregation, i saw the fires and everyday i have seen the smoke from the fires. it's a bit surreal at times. i'm just glad most homes were spared.

the national weather service meteorologist mike wofford says that "typically in September, October and Novermber we start getting Santa Ana wind events." i guess we shoul be ready, for the season has started.


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