Monday, March 14, 2005

leaving for kenya, no blogging for 10 days

wow, this past week has been like a whirlwind. my phone message bank if overflowing, i am preparing for the two day conference that james and i are doing for leaders in kenya, as well as the very heavy normal day to day schedule in the life of a new church plant. i don't know how the Lord will enable me to finish everything before i leave, but somehow he always comes through, so i will trust him. i'm leaving in a few hours.

since i will be in the remote parts of kenya where the people live in mud huts and there is no electricity or running water, i will not be hooked up to the internet or be able to blog for the next 10 days. for that matter, no cell phones, no nothing. God, people and nature. i am looking forward to it.

when we were planning things before, the goal that pastor kaaleng gave us as far as money to bring in order to buy a lot of beans and maize for his people experiencing famine was $3,067. pastor kaaleng has started 30 churches in his tribe, the turkana tribe. the poorer parts of his tribe only get to eat one meal every three days, so we are glad to help raise money to feed them. because some students for iowa state heard about our trip and decided to give $700.24, and some students from illionos state gave $1,239.00 and our local congregation here at kairos, who was extremely generous this past sunday, we are able to bring with us $9,948.00 God is good. i want to thank all who have been able to give to this particular cause, and we will have more in the future. i especially want to thank those in kairos who ended up being very generious, allowing us to contribute over $8000.00 to the cause!

if you get a chance, please listen to the talk on maria full of grace, where I talked about our need to be a neighbor to third world/developing countries. i will post some pictures and share with you about our trip when i return. until then, live fully for God and do all you can to love those around you. peace.


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