Tuesday, March 08, 2005

healing words

proverbs 12:18 says, "reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." we all experience a bit of both each week. though if you happen to lead in some capacity, you probably get more than your share of reckless words that travel toward you. that just comes with the territory.

i always find great encouragment when people take the time to write me something positive, for even dream awakeners and pastors need encouragement. i wanted to share with you a portion of a letter that i received this past week from a girl that came to our church as a result of an article that the la times magazine did on kairos.

"That day (the first talk in our hollywood and the ancient text series entitled: ray) your words spoke deep into my soul but it was your opening statements that set free my suppressed artists heart. I was an artist that had lost my vision. Creativity flowed within me but I was struggling with transforming the vision of what I wanted to create onto my canvas. It has always been my
desire to be real in my art but it turns out that is where I was feeling blocked. I questioned my ideas so many times wondering if what I envisioned was something that would bring glory to God.

I think that for those of us that know and love Jesus we desire to somehow capture that beauty and joy in our art and shy away from creating anything that depicts sin, shame or the reality of this fallen world. As you described it, we capture a world that is "virtually unfallen". I have buried many of my ideas and inspirations because they did not match up with this unfallen ideal. I have seen this happen to so many excellent Christian artists who hold themselves back and play it safe instead of letting their creativity flow and getting real.

Your words about art being real and we who are Christ followers portraying a world through our art that is real and causes people to think more about reality were words that set me free in ways that words cannot tell you. The kind of reality driven art that you described is exactly what has been burning within me to come out. Art can be so many things. Beautiful and safe can be great, but adding real into the mix amongst Christ followers, for me anyway, opens a floodgate of possibilities and clears the way for creativity that will always glorify God because it is truth. I praise the Lord for your words that day and I thank you for encouraging and blessing me and all who received your message to tell stories of the real world and thank you for reawakening my heart to my dreams."

if you want to check out the talk entitled ray, just click here. it seemed as if God used it in the lives of many, especially the artists.


At 10:17 AM, Anonymous michelle from ucla said...

the movie was really powerful as well as your sermon. i hope that someday my nonchristian friends can come and experience something great like the person who wrote to you.

i was reading through your blog and i thought it was very cool that you plan your life. it's something that ive been wanting to do but i think im scared for some reason. thank you for motivating me. :] good week to you!

At 2:46 PM, Blogger J.R. Woodward said...

i appreciate those words michelle and may God grant you wisdom through planning. as the proverbs say, "we plan our way, but the Lord directs ours steps." we are to live in that tension of flexibility, planning, but sensative to the Spirit, and even sensative to the spirit in our planning. good week to you too!


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