Friday, February 11, 2005

local and non-local ministry

i always find taking trips to be interesting, exciting and heart expanding. right before i leave on a ministry trip, i am able to do quite a bit right before leaving and that is always cool. then there is the coming back, which i enjoy as well. i don't always like the backlog of phone messages, e-mail messages and basic duties that don't go away.

but i really love where i live and what i do. in fact i often miss being away from my community and all that is happening locally when i am traveling. while i love to travel, there is nothing more special than doing ministry locally, in the context of community with people you get to be with on a day to day basis.

so while non-local ministry is part of God's call on my life, which i thoroughly enjoy it because of the way i feel God uses me to help other churches get started or get stronger, there is nothing better than being on the front lines of church planting locally. local ministry tends to be richer and deeper.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger jimi said...

Hey JR,
Will be joining you guys for church next weekend (the 20th). Looking forward to it.



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