Monday, January 24, 2005

pastor's chat

so every quarter, joe and i host a pastor's chat, where we invite whoever wants to come over from the church to my place for pizza to talk about questions people might have about scripture, kairos and life. each time it has turned into wonderful dialogue.

i feel truly blessed by God by the variety of people that God is bringing to our church. people who are physically homeless to some who are spiritually homeless. from asians to indians to hispanics, to african americans. from rich to poor to middle class. from undergrad to grad student, from single mothers to families with a mom and dad. from people in the hood, to people from beverly hills. the variety of experiences, backgrounds and cultures is absolutely thrilling. to see the dynamics of interaction stimulates and excites me. it helps me see why we worship a triune God where I can indentify with One who understand plurality and unity. One who permits diversity in unity and maintains unity in diversity.

to see the dream that God put on my heart coming to pass before my eyes moves me.


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