Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the new humanity

so we are doing this new series at kairos los angeles called "the new humanity'. i am really enjoying both preparing and delivering this series of messages from the book of ephesians. the book of ephesians has some incredibly rich content when it comes to the church, her eternal purposes and mission. you can download the talks for free.

here is one quote that i shared this past weekend, from the pen of markus barth. check it out:

"By it's very existence the church is called and equipped to be the "theater of God's works." In here total being, that is, as founded and ruled by the Messiah; as composed of Jews and Gentiles formerly dead in sins and divided in hostility; as people daring to live on the basis of forgiveness; as a community boldy looking into God's face and speaking to him; as a suffering and struggling, poor and yet enriched nation - this way the church is God's display, picture window, legal "proof", lighthouse, for the benefit of the world. If she condoned division and sin, she would belie her essence and function, and she whould grieve "the Holy Spirit of God" from which she lives. Then by her faithlessness she would attempt to abrogate God's faithfulness and commission. But as established, maintained, and sent out by God, the church is an instrument through which reveals himself. She is, in brief, by her very existence the "revelation of God's secret in action... the manifestation of the wisdom of God." He who would despise or belittle God's church would blaspheme against God's temple. He would reject God himself and his ongoing self-revelation."

that is something to think about.


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