Wednesday, January 05, 2005

un warns that death tolls may double to 300,000

associated press
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here are some quotes from an article on netscape that should wake us up to prayer and action.

"If basic needs ... are not urgently restored to all populations by the end of this week, WHO fears that outbreaks of infectious disease could result in a similar number of fatalities as occurred due to the direct impact of the tsunami," the U.N. agency said in a statement on the Internet.

At an orphanage in southern India, 15-year-old Sitha, her sister Sitha Lakshmi, 10, and 8-year-old brother Amitha grappled with the loss of their parents.

"I'm the head of the family now," Sitha said, holding back tears. "I have to look after them. Mummy wanted them to get educated and I have to make that happen now."

Indonesia said half a million people were homeless in Aceh, where the hungry scavenged for food and water and injured people flooded hospitals.

U.N. officials said they were worried orphaned or lost children might fall prey to criminal gangs bent on selling them into slavery.

Children make up a third of the tsunami dead and tens of thousands more have been orphaned.

if you or your church wants to give to an organization committed to helping the physical needs and spiritual needs of people, consider samaritans purse. it is headed by franklin graham.


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