Tuesday, December 21, 2004

hosting and preparing

i have been hosting a friend named oscar this week. julio my good friend here in los angeles asked if i would host him. though he was brought up in a christian home, he doesn't consider himself a christian at this time. he is seeking and God has given us some great conversations. today i spent a little time with him traveling to some good will shops finding clothes. i decided that i want to start getting my clothes at these different creative outlets. there are quite a bit here in la. it is part of my pursuing a life of simple beauty.

i am also preparing for a conference that i will be speaking at in columbus just after christmas, called ignite. i have quite a few talks to prepare for. i am opening up the whole conference on monday night. it was only just yesterday that i finally got the sense of where i was going to go with that particular message. being the opening speaker with a wide angle talk is usually difficult. but God showed me how i can unwrap the "big story" through the "christmas story" in matthew's gospel. i am really excited about preparing for that now. i also am involved in doing or helping to do six other seminars or workshops. they have me working hard this year. i will be doing a lot of prep in the next couple of days. if you remember to pray for me, i would appreciate it deeply.


At 7:27 AM, Blogger Terry said...

We will pray...

Just wanted to say, too, that it's been great reading your blog.

A few years ago you were here in Raleigh at NCSU and God used your words to help give wisdom....Muchos gracias!


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