Sunday, March 06, 2005

a tsunami every week

ronald sider just finished his fifth edition of rich christians in an age of hunger where he reminds us of the gut wrentching news of how the asian tsunami snuffed out 200,000 lives. and while that is tragic, what seems even more heart breaking is that 210,000 children die of starvation and diseases we know how to prevent, every week.

that is one of the reasons that three friends of mine and i are going to northern kenya in about a week. we are wanting to help those who don't have enough food to eat. God continues to work on me to do what i can to live a simple life so that others can simply live. i have a ways to go because the consumeristic culture constantly bids me to spend. but more and more i trust that God will allow me to live a life of simple beauty.

God, please help me to realize that though i can't meet all the needs of the world, i can meet the needs of some. though I can't change the world, I can change the world for some. help me to live a life of simplicity, and enjoy the beauty around me. help me live more sacrifically, more lovingly, more compassionately. make me more like your son - Jesus.


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