Saturday, February 19, 2005

maria full of grace

having just watched this movie, it had me thinking more deeply about the sad reality of our world. it breaks my heart to see the poverty in so many countries, and to hear about what people have to do to try and get by. to know the sad reality that young women are used as "mules" to carry herion in their stomach from columbia to the u.s. is profoundly difficult to bear. while i have chosen to live on the "other side of the tracks" when it comes to hollywood, when i look around in my apartment, i realize that i have so much. God has been calling me to live the simple life, but my simplicity doesn't really compare to what most people have to endure in most of the world.

this film makes me want to be more active in really helping those who are being used and tossed around like trash. why do we have to degrade each other in order to "get ahead?" can we really be moving forward in our life if we are pushing others backwards? i need some time to think about these things. catalina sandino moreno does an impressive job acting, i can see why she has been nominated for an oscar for best actress.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous greg said...

michelle and i saw that movie a month or so ago. it was deeply moving for both of us also.



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