Tuesday, February 15, 2005

after grammy parties

another cool thing about living in la is that as a city we get to host some of the major events where those who shape culture through music and movies meet, the big award ceremonies. this past week the grammy's where held at the staples center, in a couple of weeks the oscars will be hosted just down the street from me on hollywood blvd at the kodak theater.

so this year i decided to check out some of the after grammy parties happening in la. a friend of mine invited me along. we first went to this pre-party in the posh penthouse suite right in the heart of hollywood, a stones throw away from the kodak theater. the view from their huge and i mean huge balcony or roof i should say, was breath taking. there we met some very interesting people from new york to chicago to la.

afterwards we attempted to get into a private party that was hosted at a mansion in the hollywood hills. i say attempted, for our first attempt was unsuccessful. we didn't bring the right person with us to get through. every party like this has a list and since this was after the grammy's, if you weren't on the list you could just about forget it. so we went to a hip hop party in hollywood and after we ran up with who is known as big george, we went back to what was a interscope record label party at the mansion in the hills.

i'm not sure exactly what big george does, but he knew the owners of the mansion, and though they weren't throwing the party, they were renting their house out to interscope, the owner was able to get the whole gang of us in. most rock stars had one or two invites they could bring, and there was eight of us who got in, which was a small miracle.

some of the people walking out when we were there were cheryl crow and lance armstrong. it was funny how many limo's were dropping people off, and there i was with my toyota corrola and my surf rack trying to find a place to park.

we got to the party at the mansion as it was ending around 3 p.m., and so the most famous person that i actually had the chance to meet was quentin tarantino the director of pulp fiction and kill bill. we had a very short interesting conversation.

it was quite a learning experience being at these after parties. it gave me a better sense of the la scene. i was basically a keen observer through the night, taking in things through my different senses. watching, listening, eating some good food, and connecting. i finally got to bed at 4:45 a.m. only to wake again at 9 a.m.


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