Thursday, March 03, 2005

another day in missouri

so today joe and i met with more people who had questions about coming out to la to join with us in starting a church is west la in the fall of 2006. we had some great discussions. tonight we went to a canvas group, which they started this past year, and it was a great time. everybody had fasted for a day and a half and came together for a meal around a huge table that they built. it seats 20 people. they passed around a can, taking up alms for the poor, from the money they saved from not eating. it was a touching time. they do this every other week.

afterwards andy talked about the core value of multiplication and i shared some stories about our church plant in la and the journey from blacksburg to la. afterwards joe and i took some questions. it was a fulfilling day.


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Kate Germain said...

Hey JR...thanks for visiting us here in CoMO. We all had a great time meeting you guys and hearing what LA is really like! Hopefully we'll see you out in LA soon...
God bless.


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