Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bill cosby coming back to town

a couple of years ago someone invited me to the hollywood bowl with them to watch this day long jazz festival that bill cosby was hosting. it was cool to get the chance to meet him.

now bill cosby, who lives in new york is coming back to town. this time it is to hold one of his "call out" meetings in compton, part of his controversial effort to address tough topics in black communities, according to the la times. the article says, "Bill Cosby, who ignited a firestorm of debate among African Americans when he chastised poorer blacks on issues ranging from bad grammar to the squandering of opportunities provided by the civil rights movement, will take his crusade today to Compton, a city plagued by a skyrocketing murder rate, a dismal school system and other urban ills."

cosby has been making tours around america hosting these "call outs" in the country's lower-income communities, addressing what he feels is "apathy" in the area, "engaging residents in a dialogue revolving around parenting, education and social responsibility."

cosby will be in compton tonight. at 4:30 p.m. "he plans to moderate a session dedicated to foster parents and their children, and grandparents raising children" the times said. "I want to give them information on the wonderful opportunities in the junior colleges and community colleges," he said. "The beauty of these colleges is that you can walk in with a young adult, and they will help you find courses and education in areas you are interested in. If young people have made a mistake in life, they're not dead in the water. They can recover and become what they want to become."

his second session starts at 6:30 and will focus more closely on compton in particular "which has been struck by a sharp rise in homicides. At least 54 people have been killed so far this year, 11 more than last year. that is in a city about the size of roanoke virgina. the population of compton is 98,802.

the two sessions are free to the public, but require tickets, which are available throught the compton city clerk's office or at compton city hall. i wish i had some time to go tonight, but my schedule will not allow me to. it should be a fascinating time. let me know if you get the chance to go.


At 9:15 AM, Blogger slproctor said...

I wish I could attend. Bill Cosby has always had a way with people. He is a perfect candidate to motivate people to make the most out of who they are. Regardless of what they have, or where they come from, it is never too late to make a difference. The worst thing a person can do is use some sort of adversity as a crutch. We need to take responsibility for our own actions. Parents need to practice tough love, regardless of how much the kids resent it. There are many good honest people in this world; it is a shame that others set a bad example for the rest of us.
A while back, I was reading about the hurricane horrors in New Orleans. It was said that the government did not act rapidly enough and that it was a race and poverty issue. I agree that maybe had Katrina happened in the rich neighborhood of Beverly Hills that there might have been swifter action, but it is no reason to throw in the towel and behave like animals. Even in the worst of times, there should be a line that we refuse to cross, an unwritten code of ethics.
Stand tall and be strong and show this country that despite our race, income level or education, we are strong, independent, Americans and proud of our heritage, regardless of our history. Let’s set an example for others to be proud of and maybe others will follow. We can make a difference. Every day we make choices. It’s time we decide to make a difference. I agree we need to wake up and make it happen.

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Dave W said...

This makes me tear up. I find it so beautiful when a pop star uses their influence to seriously help society. So many others have used theirs to ruin it. I've always admired Dr. Clifford Huxtable. Stories like this encourage me that the world can be changed. Any story involving JR is bound to do that!


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