Saturday, September 10, 2005

understanding hurricanes

with so many hurricanes last year in florida, and after katrina, and with the growing interest in ophelia, which became hurricane strength again, there is a growing interest in understanding hurricanes and many websites and books that help us understand them better.

wikipedia's entry on hurricanes: if you have never checked out this free online encyclopedia, you are really missing out. here isw some great stuff on hurricanes.

storm track of ophelia this usa today site enables you to track the hurricane, looking at where it has been as well as it's projected path.

hurricane basics: a site that guides you to resources on hurricanes and tropical cyclones.

in the eye of the storm: an article to help understand hurricanes.

the futures channel: this weeks special on-line movie is understanding hurricanes. playing through september 14th.

hurricanes bring more than destruction: hugh ross in his design updates tells us how hurricanes are both an effect and a cause of life-essential balances on earth.

fema on hurricanes: we can educate ourselves about hurricanes and what we should do. there are some great learning links to this site.

hurricane tracking: a great site to track current hurricanes and tropical storms. you can also look at projected paths of different hurricanes.


At 4:44 PM, Anonymous tom said...

Here is another great link: - The National Hurricane Center with lots of satellite images and the official public advisories.


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