Friday, September 09, 2005

tracking the buzz

one of my desires with this blog is to pick up the la times and the sacred text and figure out how to follow jesus more fully in this world. since i gave my t.v. away last year, i rarely catch news on tv, unless i am at a friends house or public place, so the internet is my main new source. as a result i have become more internet savy lately, though i still consider myself a neophyte. i regularly post links of interest at our kairos los angeles website, but i don't always get to post all the links i find interesting. so maybe occassionally i will randomly post a set of interesting links.

buzztracker: recently i came across this visual way to capture the news at a glance. i keep this link at the bottom left of my webpage. obviously new orlean, dc, gaza and bagdad are big at the moment.

california earthquake could be the next katrina according to seismologist lucy jones, fema in august of 2001 dicussed the three most likely catastrophes to strike the u.s. first on the list was a terrorist attack in new york. second was a super-strength hurricane hitting new orleans, and third was a major earthquake on the san adreas fault. will los angeles be next?

parable of the good church: neither the fury of katrina's nor inefficiencies of government can stop the people of God.

pastoring a church in diaspora: a new orleans pastor takes care of his scattered flock from houston.

the message new testament remix mp3 you can now purchase a cheap audio version of the message from amazon. check it out.

the constant gardener: a movie you gotta check out. fernando meirelles is the director, same director of city of god. it is based on john le carre's book.

nariaweb: the latest movie news on the chronicles of naria.


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