Tuesday, August 30, 2005

launching the light giver site

one project that i have been excited about for some time is helping develop more resources for equippers in the church. there are many projects i am involved in this regard, one such project deals with having different equippers from around the world share what they are learning in that particular area of equipping.

when i say equippers, i mean the five different equippers mentioned in ephesians chapter four. you check out this article at the kairos los angeles website to get a little picture of these different equippers and the contemporary names that we give them.

one such equipper is the teacher, or what we like to call a light giver. the light giver's role in the church is to help the community to immerse themselves in the text and live faithfully in the story of God. some of the themes that this equipper deals with is the big picture of scripture, hermenutics, how to study and apply scripture in today's context, ect.

we are just beginning to launch the light giver blog site. currently we are gathering different light givers to contribute what they are learning. in the future, we will put these entry's into 10 different categories, as well as have a list of different recommended books for those getting started, intermediate and advance levels.

so take just a moment and get to know some of the contributers who have already began to introduce themselves and share some things they are learning.


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