Friday, August 26, 2005

appreciating life

photo by helga kvam - iceland

i have to say that i am so thankful for the amazing goodness of God. its not that life is always easy, its not. life is filled with temptation, struggle, sickness, emotional tensions, misunderstandings, suffering, and so forth. but when i just take a minute and think about all the wonderful gifts that God has given me, i stand amazed. lately my love for photography has caused me to want to have a photo with every entry to my blog. for some reason it just brings a greater since of life to me when i see great photography. i hope it does that for you as well. i think by having a photograph for every blog it also brings a greater aesthetic quality to my blog. i need all the help i can.

one thing i have noticed ever since i have a photo for every blog is that my appreciate for photography has grown. i look at my own photos and realize how much more i must learn about photography. i will still be showing some of my photos, but of course sharing the work of many others as well. my photo's are distinguished by uploaded by dream awakener. i will try to give the name of any other photos i use.

so what do you appreciate about your life? what do you appreciate about God? about your community? it is always good to give thanks for all the good things in our life. it is amazing what it does for our own well being and wholeness.


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Eric Asp said...

I totally hear you, JR -- both about God's goodness and about good photography. I've really come to appreciate God's creativity and the way that this sense of creativity has been imprinted upon us. Creating beautiful images (like the strawberry shot), writing powerful words (like with blogging), impacting lives with new ways of thinking and being... It is indeed something to be appreciated and celebrated.


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