Saturday, September 03, 2005

broken flowers, broken lives

so here is an article that i posted on the rotten tomatoes website, one of the links on the left column of my page under film.

here is an excerpt from the article i posted. it is a review of the most meaningful film i have seen this year, so far. if you find this excerpt interesting, then you may enjoy reading the entire article.

"This masterfully told story prods our souls to ask what we believe about the meaning of life. The movie has shocking parts in which any sensative soul must close their eyes because of the ackwardness of the moment. It also has a style that is classic Jarmusch in that the transitions are barely present and very awkward, the theme is formatted around a journey and the end of the film leaves you with more questions than answers.

Solving the mystery of the movie requires one to leave the world of fiction and dive into the world of non-fiction. In the end, each person must discover the meaning of life, which may only happen if we dig deep. If your life were a flower, would it be rooted, or cut off from any lasting source of life?"


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