Thursday, September 01, 2005

being crazy so you don't become crazy

reuters photo by albert gea

in the midst of the heavy news we encounter about katrina and many other things, i think it is important that if we want to keep our sanity and actually be people who live life in such a way to bring life to others, we need to learn what it means to have deep joy in the midst of a world filled with pain. of course we are to have empathy and mourn with those who mourn, but at another level we are to be a people of joy. let me try to explain what i am feeling.

it has been stated by many that we live in the information age. we live at a time in world history that we tend to hear of every possible problem that is happening in the world, from collasping bridges in iraq to hurricane's in the gulf. if we were to take all of our day every day and just contemplate the problems in our lives and the problems that are happening all over the world, we would probably go crazy and be of very little help in bringing any type of relief.

that is probably why nehemiah in the midst of a greiving congregation told them to take God's holy day and eat some food, drink some wine and share some wine with those who don't have any. then he reminded them that the "joy of the Lord" was their strength. interesting, joy=strength. maybe that is why paul when he was in prison facing possible death, wrote "rejoice in the Lord, again i say rejoice" because he knew something about the importance of us having a deep abiding joy if we were going to have any moral strength to do what is good and right.

as i was at my friends apartment watching some of the news stories coming from new orleans, i watched one where the news reporter was taking note of the way some children were reacting to the aftermath of katrina. in this one clip, the camera focused in on this asian kid who was missing more than a few teeth. we could all see this clearly because he had a big fat smile on his face. the reporter observed how it seemed as if the kid, even though he was going through a horrible disaster, was able to somehow find joy in what was around him, like his two friends. interesting.

without being too long winded, i just want to remind you to do good to those around you and those in need, but also take some days where you eat, have some wine with some friends and become like a little kid, knowing that ultimately your father in is charge. i felt like this article and picture from reuters about this annual tomatoe fight that takes place in velencia spain, was God's reminder to me to make sure i take a little time to get crazy, so that i don't become crazy.

so get joy and do good, send relief for the hurting.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Samurai said...

Thanks for the reminder JR

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Michael Durand said...

thanks, i needed to hear that today...


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