Sunday, September 11, 2005

al-queda threatens los angeles

news 24 reports "A suspected american member of al-Qaeda threatened attacks against Los Angeles and the Australian city of Melbourne in a videotape shown on Sunday by ABC television as the United States marked the fourth anniversary of September 11."

one expert from the university of virginia feels that the video tape threat is a stunt. he says in an article at an australia website "What I find odd is that he is a relatively low placed individual and out of the mainstream of the al-Qaeda leadership. Why send the third stream cricket player if you've got the star of the team?"

an article in the los angeles downtown news mentions that l.a. is bidding for the summer olympic games of 2016. mayor antonia villaraigosa in a press conference on wednesday said, "We believe we have everything it takes to show that Los Angeles is the worlds best place for the 2016 Olympics." l.a. hosted the olympics in both the 1932 and 1984.


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