Saturday, April 09, 2005

reality invades illusion

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as i was preparing for my our next series on "living in reality - rediscovering what it means to follow jesus through the gospel of mark" i came across some cool optical illusions on the internet, this one is an illusion because you look at it and it looks like things are moving, but in reality nothing is. to get the effects of the illusion you will need to click on this picture to see it at a larger size.

now if you had to identify one of the seven churches with the churches in america, which one would you pick? for me, i would have to pick the church of laodicia, because while we are think we are "rich" we are actually blind to a lot of reality. the only way we can see reality more like jesus does is to come to Him and get ointment for our eyes.

tomorrow i will be starting a new series and my hope is that God would use his word, in particular the book of mark, and his spirit to heal our blindness so that we might see reality more like he sees reality. because for many of us, i believe we still live in a world of illusion. for we have all been baptized into a world of illusion in the name of the powers that be, in the name of a false empire, and in the name of the media. for perception is reality (for the observer.) and we we need is to perceive reality as God does. we cannot do that on our own, we need his assistence. we need Jesus to give us oinment for our yes, so that we can really see. we need to immerse ourselves in the trinitarian evironment of the Father, Son and Spirit and i and trusting that as we take the next twelve weeks to walk with mark that we will meet jesus in a fresh way. feel free to download the teachings from our website.


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