Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve in Amsterdam

amsterdam new years eve
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At the turn of the New Millenium I happen to be in NYC as we celebrated the New Year 24 different times every hour around the world.

This past year, since I was sharing at a conference in Amsterdam, I was able to bring in the New Year with Amsterdammer's. There is only one word to describe the way people bring in the New Year here in Amsterdam. CHOAS.

Anybody and everybody can light fireworks of many kinds. That does mean that a number of people end up in the hospital or dead, but that doesn't seem to stop the city from continuing to celebrate in this way.

The evening was pretty fun, spending it with thousands of people that you see here, including Joe Dunn and his kids Trey and Amanda, Noel Heikkinen, Steve Summerlot, Billy Williams, and Sander. It was a cool time.


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