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hong kong

hong kong
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each of these cities, along with milan, singapore, frankfurt, and chicago are considered alpha global cities.

in our global villiage there have been many different attempts to define global cities or world class cities. different experts or group of experts have developed different criteria in determining which cities would be consider global cities and why.

wikipedia has cited that the globalization and world cities study group and network, which is based primarily at loughborough university in england has made an influential attempt to categorize world cities.

some of the criteria that this network uses to determine the category for different cities are:

1. international familiarity (or "first name" familiarity - one would say "london", not "london, england"

2. active influence and participation in international events and world affairs

3. world-renown cultural institutions

4. a major international airport that serves as an established hub for several international airlines

5. a fairly large population

6. an advanced transportation system

7. international financial institutions, law firms, corporate headquarters, stock exchanges

8. advanced communications infrastructure

9. in the west, several cultures and communities, "chinatown" "little italy", ect.

10. a lively cultural scene, including film festivals, premieres, a thriving music or theatre scene, an orchestra, opera company, art galleries and street performers

if you want to learn more about global cities or world class cities, then just to go this article that is found in wikipedia encylopedia a very informative web-based free resource.

the article also included beta cities and gamma cities. the beta cities include: san fran, sydney, zurich, toronto, brussels, madrid, mexico city, sao paulo, moscow and seoul

the gamma world cities include: amsterdam, boston, caracas, dallas, dusseldorf, geneva, houston, jarkarta, johannesburg, melbourne, osaka, prague, santiago, taipei, washington, bangkok, beijing, montreal, rome, stockholm, warsaw, atlanta, barcelona, berlin, budapest, buenos aries, copenhagen, hamburg, istanbul, kuala lumpur, manila, miami, minneapolis, munich, shangai, tehran

if you check out my links on the right, you will find a link to wikipedia under the global villiage "informational resources." have fun learning.


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