Wednesday, July 06, 2005

cool places to surf

jr in kiev
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this is my happy face because i have done a little updating to my blog. i haven't finished, but i am really excited about the progress i have made today. if you life in the hollywood/los feliz area, please check out the i-neighborhood, i think it will be a cool way to connect with people around us.

if you live in la, or are planning to move, i trust the many links to my neighborhood and some of the helping hand links will be of use to you.

i have listed some of my favorite theologians along with my favorite ways to keep current with world events.

there are a number of other cool links to discover, stuff for your mind and soul, and links dealing with the arts.

i hope you get the chance to do a little surfing, i tried to give you a cool board to surf from.


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