Monday, July 11, 2005

into the wardrobe

into the wardrobe
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one of the new additions to my blog is link to theologians you should know. i have just started my list, starting with some of my favorites, like eugene peterson, henri nouwen, n.t. wright, marva dawn, dallas williard, karl barth and of course c.s. lewis.

today i want to feature c.s. lewis, partly because i am reading the chronicles of narnia, and partly because if you love c.s. lewis or you just want to be introduced to him and his writings, then the site that i have linked to entitled "into the wardrobe" will make you want to dance with great joy.

so, scroll down to the section, theologians to know, and then you will find c.s. lewis and when you hit his name, you will enter "into the wardrobe."

p.s. okay, i will give you one cool link if you want to see the preview of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe that is opening on december 9th, 2005


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