Saturday, July 09, 2005

links highlight - flavorpill & made in montreal

flavorpill art
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if you only have a few moments to check out some of the links on the culture and art site, then i would encourage you to check out flavorpill as well as made in montreal.

flavorpill is a well designed site that has features like artkrush: art news, earplug: music news, boldtype: book reviews, jc report: fashion trends from five world class cities: new york, san fransisco, los angeles, london and chicago.

while made in montreal much more than just getting to know more about montreal, you experience the city through an interactive experience.

so those are my two highlights for this there is no way to go through made in montreal in a few minutes, but you can get a taste and then come back for more later. this week you should check out a couple of the links on culture and art, next week i will mention a few of the other links. so go ahead and scroll the bar down until you get o art and culture, then click on flavorpill. after that check out made in montreal. i think you will really enjoy the sites.


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