Thursday, July 21, 2005

los angeles - the fastest growing city in the u.s.

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according to the statistics from the city mayors website, more people moved to los angeles california from 2000 - 2003 than any other city in the united states. los angeles added 125,131 people in those three years. no wonder housing prices have increased so much. everybody is moving here. and i can understand why, i love living in la.

there were 10 cities in california that ranked in the top 25 fastest growing cities during this time period, including san diego, irvine, stockton, bakersfield and rancho cucamonga. overall california had 33 cities in the top 100, more than any other state.

new york city was the second fastest growing city during the same years, adding another 77,464 people, according the city mayors. here is the list of the top 10 fastest growing cities by sheer numbers:

los angeles, ca - 125,131
new york, ny - 77,474
san antonio, tx - 70,079
phoenix, az - 67,371
houston, tx - 56,059
fort worth, tx - 50,428
charlotte, nc - 43,830
san diego, ca - 43,353
raleigh, nc - 40,709
henderson, nv - 39,471

las vegas was ranked 11th with 38,583, and north las vegas grew by 29,094, so when you put henderson, nv along with las vegas and north las vegas, that area is continuing to grow like crazy. other cities to note are jacksonville, fla which added 38,164 ranking 13th, columbus, ohio which grew by 16,962 ranking 39th in growth, miami added 14,345 ranking 45th, virginia beach grew by 14,210 ranking 47th, and orlando added an additional 13,385 people, making it the 54th fastest growing city in the country.

checking with the los angeles almanac, the jan. 1st 2005 estimates have los angeles growing an additional 137,924 people over the last two years, which if these figures end up being accurate, then los angeles has added more people in the last two years than they did the first three years of the millennium, which probably puts it in the running for the fastest growing city over the last two years as well.

the top three declining cities, according to the city mayors website, between 2000-2003 has been:

detroit - (-39,868)
philadelphia - (-38,211)
chicago - (- 26,895)

i guess people in general are moving to where the weather is better. of course the beautiful thing about la is you have the beach, desert and mountains all within reach.


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