Friday, July 01, 2005

live 8 - global concerts to fight poverty

live 8
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so tomorrow there will be benefit concerts all around our world, where musicians will use their podiums to help bring attention to those who suffer under the heavy hand of poverty. i appreciate the fact that they are doing it, and that bono has in many ways led the way, because for him, he realizes it is not a quick fix, but if we are going to help end poverty, awareness is certianly an important first step.

so tomorrow the music begins at hyde park, london; edinburgh (where the g8 conference begins on july 6th) palais de versailles, paris; siegessaule, berlin; circus maximus, rome; museum of art, philadelphia; park place, barrie; makuhari messe, tokyo; mary fitzgerald square, newtown, johannesburg; and red square, moscow

mtv will be working to bring this huge international event to the whole world.

the live 8 website has a lot of helpful information.

there are many websites helping to increase the awareness of this problem, especially as the leaders get ready to gather on july 6th.

in the uk you have make poverty history

in the u.s. you have the ONE campaign to make poverty history

click here to find sites from canada, france, germany, spain, and japan.

there is still time to write a letter to president bush before he goes.

now while these campaigns will help and are a beginning to the solution, we need to take these moments of awareness and turn them into life long actions working for global justice.

the path will not be easy, nor is it for the fainthearted, but those who call on the Lord will find new strength and vigor to follow the path of Jesus. we should take a long hard look at the life of Jesus and what he was about. which is why i am taking our congregation through a 30 week series, entitled living in reality: rediscovering what it means to follow jesus through the book of mark. the series is divided into three parts over the next year. the reason for the long series is that we can only incarnate Jesus in our context and culture if we rediscover who he was in his context and culture.

the christian science monitor had an interesting article on How can the West help Africa? that is worth your time to read.


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