Thursday, June 16, 2005

a whole lot of shaking going on

so while i was gone, we had an earthquake on sunday morning, a 5.2 in riverside county, then i heard about the one in northern california, the larger 7.0 earthquake out in the ocean that struck on tuesday, and then today on my day off, while i was on the internet, i felt a small rubbling that eventually turned into a larger rubbling and a gift the bishop gave me in kenya, a wooden giraffe fell off my bookshelf. this was like the fourth earthquake i felt since i've been here, but definetly one that i felt the most, and the only one that actually shook something off the shelf. the one today was centered in Yucaipa, CA and had a preliminary rating of a 5.3, and later was recognized as a 4.9. i guess i should be reading about what to do when the big one hits.


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully the "big one" will never hit. Depending on the locations of these earthquakes along the fault line, they could be relieving the pressure that would trigger a massive quake.
If it does hit, though, find a door frame or wherever the building's structure is the strongest and stand in the middle of it.

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Empty Voice said...

Hey JR

I am listening to the last LC you guys put on the website and you mentioned something about "I'm limiting myself to one trip a month" and everyone laughed. You were talking about how far kairos has come in a year, and already in 2005, a lot of things have happened. I see phenominal growth in the past six months even. Earthquakes or not, the vision marches on.

and of course, I left town and you (again) manage to slip out of my clutches for getting together. ha!
You now end up waiting for a few months until we can get togethe again.

last, is that trip to Mexico still happening in September?



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