Thursday, June 30, 2005

chronicles of narnia - the world of fiction and non-fiction

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before coming a christ follower, i focused more on my social life, and found reading to be less interesting than living. but after coming to christ, not only was my spirit awakened more, but my mind was awaken to learn as well. a new passion for reading developed, reading that could help me to experience life fully.

those who know me would probably find it hard to conceptualize me without a book, considering the library at my apartment and the number of books that i tend to digest in a given year. but by far, most all of my reading up to this point, has been non-fiction. there has been a longing in my heart to read the classic fictions, and so i have picked up a few and have really been enjoying reading fiction, for there is a certain power and shaping that comes from reading fiction that is profound. even learning how many fiction books were written to influence the non-fiction world is fascinating to me.

in preparing for the first release of the chronicles of narnia - the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, i just started reading the chronicles of narnia over vacation (when the boat was docked), though i was familiar with parts of the lion, witch and wardrobe, i haven't had a chance to read the series as of yet.

i think in time that my reading of fiction will grow stronger, for it seems that fiction books tend to shape the world of non-fiction often times better than non-fiction books. for as richard hayes once said, "stories form our values and moral sensibilities in more indirect and complex ways, teaching us how to see the world, what to fear, and what to hope for; stories offer us nuanced models of behavior both wise and foolish, courageous and cowardly, faithful and faithless." no wonder amos wilder remarked, “the road to moral judgment is by way of the imagination.” no wonder jesus told many stories and parables.


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