Tuesday, May 10, 2005

leaving for kiev, ukraine

many years ago God put the ukrainian and russian people on my heart, and since that time i have been able to take four trips to the ukraine. three of those trips i spent an entire summer in kiev. the first trip i took was right after the iron curtain opened. i traveled to different cities in the ukraine as well as moscow, russia. it has been five years since i have been to the ukraine, primarily because it has taken a lot of energy to start some new churches in los angeles. but my heart is so excited to see all the friends i have made over the years.

some of the people that i built relationships with years ago have now become christ followers, and this time i will be greeting them as brothers and sisters. others were members that have now become pastors. it deeply excites my heart to have the opportunity to see them again and meet some new people as well! just thinking about seeing them again brings me great joy.

if you get a chance, please pray for me and my time in the ukraine. i will be there just a week, but it will be a full one. during the weekend i will be speaking four different times at a conference in kiev, where a couple of different churches are gathering together. pray that God would somehow use my words to bless their lives and help them be a blessing to many.

hopefully i will have some connection of the internet to blog during my time. but right now i must prepare. peace.


At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Dima from Almaz church said...

We are waiting for you! Kiev.


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