Monday, May 09, 2005

blessed are the poor

"We who are rich are often demanding and difficult. We shut ourselves up in our apartments and may even use a watchdog to defend our property. Poor people, of course, have nothing to defend and often share the little they have.

When people have all the material things they need, they seem not to need each other. They are self-sufficient. There is no interdependence. There is no love. In a poor community, however, there is often a lot of mutual help and sharing of goods, as well as help from outside. Poverty can even become a cement of unity."

Jean Vanier

recently i have been gaining a better understanding of what luke wrote "blessed are the poor" and what james wrote, "the poor are rich in faith."


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Ariel said...

"Poverty can even become a cement of unity."

My encounters with true poverty have been so negligible - for three weeks in Mexico, once - that I've wondered what effects it would have on my life if I were to really live in it. Vanier's thoughts provide a glimpse of how Christ could make the poor a centerpiece of his artistry...

Thanks for your comment, J.R. A great question.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Terry said...

this reminds me of the latest post at


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