Friday, April 22, 2005

pictures of poverty - ghetto toys

ghetto toys2
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there is not enough money for food let alone toys, so children in kenya get very creative and often design their own toys out of whatever garbage they can find. one's man garbage is another mans treasure.


At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Crystal said...

Been There, Done That

It's amazing how one picture can make you feel. Especially, something like this photo, but it's not as bad as having experienced it. Then again, most people who grow up in poverty are more realistic than most other people because we're taught about GOD and the values of life. Others(not all) who have money, however, grow up being worldly & worried about who's going shopping for the hottest car or outfit. America's one of the richest countries, right? So where's all the money going, instead of to the people who need it to survive?

-Life's Crazy Ain't It?!!!

Crystal(age 16,Lubbock,Tx)


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