Friday, August 05, 2005

aborting the hungry?

"hanging on" photo by la times photographer evelyn hockstein

while in paris, though i took a break from my day to day tasks, the heart of God's mission always remained with me, in a different way. the art i saw and the books i read constantly reminded me of our central mission as God's people, to partner with God to restore shalom to this world.

so when i got back and looked at the front page of the la times, i was struck with both gladness and sadness by what i saw on the front page. i was glad to see that the los angeles times of all papers, is not letting the issue of hunger die. weeks after the live 8 conference and the g 8 conference, they are keeping the problem of hunger on the front page, in an article entitled "niger, hunger hits crises level."

in the picture above, the article shares the thoughts of the mom about her boy who is dying, "i hope God will give us life and health and take us out of this poverty." lying on a blanket at the feeding center she was able to get to, while leaving her sick husband and other four children with no food, she said, "i cry because i cannot understand what is happening to my son. i cry because i don't know what to do. i have been crying every since i got here. i'll do anything for him to get better," she said, gazing down at her baby with melting eyes. there's nothing more precious than a child."

as people of God who care about children in the womb, do we not care for those who have come out of the womb, in circumstances that they themselves cannot help? who is the one who will hear their cry?


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